Guemes Island Tiny House

Guemes Island Tiny House

Tiny houses and small houses have never been as popular as they are today, with a variety of styles, designs, and plans to choose from to include cob cottages, yurts, and tiny homes on wheels to name a few. This "Guemes Island Tiny House," is a lovely example of the character and original designs you can achieve when living in and designing a tiny home.

This tiny home located on Guemes Island, a small island in western Skagit County Washington, is really worth looking at. The island north of Fidalgo Island and the town of Anacortes, is accessible by both private boat and Guemes Island ferry. The tiny house built and designed by a couple, was recently completed in July 2015. The couple built the tiny house on their island property to be used as a guest house and tiny house airbnb. They are calling the tiny house "makers tiny house" as many of the items in the house are made by artists, and have carefully curated and placed them around for the guests to enjoy. There is a makers guide book in the house where guests can find featured items for sale if they wish to buy them for themselves. You'll want to take a look on the site at all the great photos of this original tiny house with lots of character.

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