Square Feet: 2,424. Floors: 2. Bedrooms: 3. Convenience: Infinite (Click for Floor Plan)

Square Feet: 2,424. Floors: 2. Bedrooms: 3. Convenience: Infinite (Click for Floor Plan)

The Maplecreek log home floor plan is a beautiful log home perfect for full time living, or to use as a vacation home. This log home floor plan has 2,424 square feet of living space. With 1,640 square feet on the first floor and another 784 square feet on the second floor. This is a great size of log home to live comfortably with your family in a scenic location with lots of fresh air!This is a great log home floor plan with a covered front porch on the main floor, along with an open dining room/great room/kitchen, two bedrooms, pantry, and bathroom. On the main floor, you will also find a gable porch and a sunken sunroom. On the upstairs floor there is a master bedroom with ensuite and walk in closet. There is also a loft that opens up to the area below.

Expedition log homes is a company that was created with a shared vision and passion for the beauty and natural character of wood found in log homes and has grown through the years because of their commitment to providing quality log home products and services. Expedition Log Homes have a shared vision that has led to a business environment based upon honest, straightforward relationships with others. The founders of this log home company are seasoned log home professionals, who work full-time in the day-to-day operations of the business since it was founded in 2000. Whatever you are planning when it comes to log homes from breaking ground now or in the future, they can help meet your log home vision and expectations. They believe in the beauty of handcrafting logs by hand. They still use a drawknife to handcraft their logs, and for added quality and stability in their logs, they kiln-dry their logs and include only top quality building components in their log home materials package.

They are a log home company that takes pride in their manufacturing and kiln-drying facilities. Visitors often comment on how well organized, and clean their working environment is. Expedition log homes can design and build log homes and log cabins that are under 2,000 square feet, and larger than 4,000 square feet. They can help design your log home to fit your lifestyle and needs. They offer a variety of log profiles, log home designs and corner styles to choose from. Log homes and log cabins are as popular now as they were years ago. Log homes are a great choice environmentally, socially and economically. Environmentally because logs are a renewable resource, and when forest are sustainably managed we can ensure that forest will be here for future generations. Log homes are a wonderful option when you want to live in a home that is surrounded by nature; they are healthy to live in, with no toxic materials you can breathe better, and feel better knowing you live in a home that comes from nature. And log homes can save you money in the long run because a log home is known to keep in the heat in the colder months, and to keep cooler in the warmer summer months.

There is a wide variety of log home types from handcrafted log homes and log cabins to milled log homes, to hewn logs used in log homes. Handcrafted log homes are typically made from logs that have been hand peeled looking pretty much unchanged from what they looked like as trees. Milled log homes use logs that have been machine profiled to have all the logs look the same size and width.

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